Pastel Dream

11:55 PM

 Hallo! Oh time just past too fast, i can't believe it's already April. and suddenly i'm thingking about blogging. i just got home after a short 4days trip to singapore, but i think this-one-sinapore-trip isn't speciall like the other trip to singapore before, so i'm not interested to post it in my blog. I've been really into reading book, not kind of the real "book" but the e-book one hehe, and now i'm on reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, i've never read his book, and this is my frist time,  i decided to read his book because when im became interest for reading book and im look at some book review sites, All John Green's book seems worth reading. yaa that's it and im reading it now. i think i'll post my review soon.  And yes,  im really into pastel. idk, i've been love pastel since long time ago but, i think it's really culminate these day, because you know, there's a lot pastel stuff and those stuff are really cute. i can't even. 

i found all of this photos from web, weheartit, pinterest, etc


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